Parents Corner


The beginning of a professional education marks many changes in students and their relationships with family and friends. It can also mean changes in beliefs, values, behaviors, and attitudes. Parents and family members provide a crucial support base for these new experiences. Understanding and adjusting to these changes is an exciting challenge for both students and parents.

What does it mean to be the parent of a student admitted to a professional institute? Parents play a vital role in the lives of students pursuing professional education, and many students continue to count on their parents to remain a steady and stable source of support and guidance. Parents can serve as mentors, offering advice and encouragement while also promoting the independence, autonomy, and responsibility that are necessary for life in a professional institute.

From the increased academic workload to the pressures of making new friends to adjust to the new environment, newly admitted students may experience a certain level of stress or anxiety related to their new responsibilities as students. As parents, you can help your ward prepare for these new responsibilities by discussing expectations ahead of time and by allowing your ward to practice some of these skills before arriving on campus. The more comfortable your ward feels about managing these responsibilities, the less stressful they will be.


  • You can help by having your ward to take responsibility for communication. Students should feel comfortable with Institute resources and seek assistance from Institute staff and faculty. Students should know which person/office to contact when problems arise. Encourage your ward to contact the Institute staff/office directly. Encouraging your ward to take responsibility for themselves will empower them to be self-reliant and independent. The Institute can be a big place; students who don’t know where to go for help or which person/office to approach, can reach us via the emails given below.

    Important Email IDs

    Query type Concerned Department Email ID
    Documents Academics
    Exams/Timetable Academics
    Web-Kiosk Academics
    LMS Academics
    Admissions Academics
    Library Central Library
    Internet CITM
    Fee Finance
    Scholarships DoSA Office
    Society Budgets & Bill Processing DoSA Office
    Hostels & Mess DoSA Office
    Other Queries HoD Please contact your HoD for other queries.


  • The institute provides a lot of opportunities for students to bond and connect with their peers through various clubs and communities, extra-curricular activities, and cultural fests. These interactions not only enhance the overall personality of our students but are also essential for creating a well-balanced learning environment for them. The campus offers many outlets of creative independence for students to pursue their interests and hobbies while also providing opportunities to participate in community services. For more details about the societies, please visit:



  • There are 16 hostels, Ten for boys and Six for girls, with a total capacity of approximately 10,500 students. Professionally trained day and night caretakers available in each hostel to cater to the needs of the students. The hostels are within accessible distance from the academic blocks, library, and laboratories. The hostels have a common room, reading rooms, and sports facilities. Indoor games facilities like table tennis, chess, and carom are available in the hostels. CCTV cameras, Security Guards, Separate hostels with manned gates, etc, ensure the complete safety of the students. Reading rooms and common rooms are available in the hostels to provide appropriate space for students to study and rejuvenate or relax. For more details about the hostels, please visit:

    Amenities provided in the hostels:

    Mattress (in most of the hostels)
    Study Table
    Air Conditioner (in most of the hostels)

    Services provided in the hostels:

    Day & Night Caretakers
    24x7 Wi-Fi
    Mess Service
    Laundry Service
    Cleaning Service
    Gymnasium (in most of the hostels)
    Night Canteen

    Things to carry for the hostels:

    Students should carry their essential belongings, which they use for regular day-to-day activities like Bedsheet, Pillow, Blanket, Bucket, etc.

    Things not allowed in the hostels:

    Coolers, Table Fans, Induction, Heaters, Electric Iron etc. are not allowed in the hostels.


  • Facial Recognition base security systems at the campus's main gate
    Biometric Night Attendance in the hostels
    RFID enabled Identity Cards
    24x7 Ambulance
    CCTV Surveillance
    24x7 Security Guards