Health Centre

A fully functional health Centre with a full-time doctor with nursing assistants is in place to offer medical care for minor issues and first aid.

Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Faculty In-charge, T.I.E.T, Patiala.


  • Dr. Ritu Bassi , M.B.B.S, PGDHA (Masters in Hospital Management), ACLS certified.
  • Dr. Jeevan Jot Singh , M.B.B.S 
  • Dr. Ajay Gupta (M.D.,P.C.M.S.-1(EX) )
  • Dr. Gaganpreet Singh, M.B.B.S




  • PEON:-2

Responsibilities of health center staff

  • First aid for patients. Dispensing of medicines.
  • Quarterly purchase of medicine.
  • Immunization and dressing.
  • Bio medical waste management.
  • Provide psychological and moral support to patients and their family members.
  • Weekly report performa to Civil surgeon, Patiala.
  • Maintenance of all medical record and office documents.
  • Medical services during sports and examination.
  • Medical bill reimbursement for students.
  • Provide services during COVID-19 testing and vaccination camp.
  • Round the clock services during any pandemic situation. Handling of emergencies.

List of equipment's in health centre

  • Digital Thermometer. (3)
  • Infra red thermometer .(2)
  • Nebulization kit with mask. (5)
  • Electronic B.P Apparatus. (1)
  • LED B.P Apparatus.(1)
  • Torch.(2)
  • Pulse oxy meter.(3)
  • Glucometer.(1)
  • Steamer.(1)
  • Oro meter.(1)
  • Autoclave.(1)
  • Surgical electrical needle destroyer. (1)
  • X-ray film viewer. (1)
  • Wheel chair. (2)
  • Walker. (1)
  • Stretcher. (1)
  • Refrigerator for vaccines. (1)
  • Weighing scale. (2)
  • Stature meter for height measurement. (1)
  • Observation bed for patient. (2)

1) Routine check-up for students, faculty, and staff which includes-

  • Early diagnosis and detection of non-communicable disease.
  • Control of communicable disease by early diagnosis & providing specific protection.
  • Health education & nutrition/diet advice.

2) Facilities Available in Health centre

  • Medicines
  • Proper counseling of Patient while dispensing of medicine by pharmacists or nursing staff on the counter.
  • Generic apparatus and facilities like BP Apparatus, BP Apparatus, Oxygen cylinder, wheelchair, otoscope etc. are available

3) Ambulance service available 24x7.

4) Health Centre day timings are 8:30am to 7:30pm (summer) and 8:30 to 7pm (winter), during the night from 10pm to 6 am.