Central Stores

Central Stores is centralised facility for the procurement process related to purchase needs of the institute as per the details of specification, scope, services, quantity, delivery, price and place provided by indenting departments / End-users. Storage of these procured products and services in stores for the storage, receipt and issue to the end-user. As well as the disposal of the written off and discarded materials after their useful life.


To provide to Institute indenters the required right products and services in right quantity at right time in right place and at right price / cost/ value.


Central Stores aims to achieve the vision with the appropriate resources – staff and office space, office equipment. 

Major functional areas:

  • Purchase (External Provision) of the materials and services (Product & Services) for the entire needs of the Thapar Institute of Engg. & Technology Patiala, TSLAS and Off Campus LMTSM Dera Bassi for the Operations.

  • Store handles receipt, storage, Issue of materials (Product & Services) of Stationery and Housekeeping and other indented products & services such as Lab equipment, IT hardware and Software, etc. as per requirement of the Institute.
  • Maintain appropriate inventory of office stationery and examination materials as well as housekeeping items in the stores for the regular use of the Institute departments and hostels.
  • Maintain records on individual names of employees for the materials issued on the personal names such as Computers, laptops, etc. These are to be verified at the time of separation of the employee for issuing the “No Dues”.
  • Collection, storage, disposal of the Waste / scrap such as of Written Off Assets – Lab equipment, Computer hardware, furniture and Fixtures and spares as well as general scrap.
  • Collection, storage, disposal of E-Waste, Bio-Medical Waste, Hazard Waste (Oil & Batteries) as per the govt. norms and regulations as well as render the related records and information to the PPCB and regulating authorities.
  • Maintain, Monitor, as well as measure the related data of purchase related activities, inventory analysis and bank guaranties for the timeline based and value based analysis of working timelines and value of inventory.


General Information:-

Central Stores Documented Information (TIET/QMS/DI/CS)